Hibiscus Island Single-Family Homes for Sale | The APT Team

Step into the lap of luxury with The APT Team's exclusive collection of single-family homes for sale on Hibiscus Island, Miami's most coveted residential enclave. Let us guide you through the gateway to opulence and help you secure your piece of Hibiscus Island's unparalleled serenity and sophistication.

Single-Family Homes for Sale in Hibiscus Island

Tropical Paradise Found on Hibiscus Island

With Biscayne Bay's beautiful oceans all around it, Hibiscus Island has an unparalleled location. With their expansive vistas that redefine waterfront living, our Hibiscus Island single-family homes for sale take full use of this special topography. Savor the magnificent sunsets that illuminate the Miami sky as you awaken to the sound of soft waves crashing into your shore.


Exclusivity and Privacy

Hibiscus Island is a private haven that caters to individuals who value accessibility while still being far from the bustle of the outside world. All of the apartments are like havens, carefully planned to encase their owners in peace and closeness to all that Miami has to offer.



Cutting Edge Facilities

Enjoy an unmatched level of luxury with residences that offer cutting-edge features. Every element of Hibiscus Island single-family homes for sale, from gourmet kitchens with top-of-the-line appliances to private pools overlooking the bay, has been carefully chosen to enhance your living space.



Opportunities for Investments

Apart from the opulent way of life, Hibiscus Island offers a compelling prospect for investment. These single-family homes are not only a good place to live, but also a wise financial choice because of the island's consistent real estate and house sales market growth.



Single-family houses on Hibiscus Island represent the height of refinement in the world of luxury real estate. By selecting one of our upscale Hibiscus Island single-family homes for sale, you're investing in a way of life characterized by sophistication, exclusivity, and the enduring charm of Miami's waterfront. Improve your quality of life by taking a look at our Hibiscus Island apartments now.

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