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New Dev Award Florida 2021 Ellies
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2021 Top 2% of agents company wide Pinnacle Award
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2021 Pinnacle Award recipient, Top 2% of agents company-wide, and #1 New Dev team Florida award, The APT Team has marketed and sold the most exclusive properties, condos, homes, and developments in Miami for over 15 years. They are consistently in the top percentile of South Florida agents as well as Douglas Elliman agents company-wide. Most recently, they crowned the $300 million sell out of One Park Grove. The APT TEAM has secured a well-deserved place among the most sought out brokers around. There is no negotiation too big or too small for Adriana and Tracy. With a portfolio that caters to discerning clients and including every property type from the area’s best single-family homes to oceanfront condos to million dollar plus properties, every client can expect exceptional service, as evidenced by their expanding client list, impressive track record, and a large percentage of referral business.​​​

Understanding well how interconnections and global synergies benefit their customers, the APT Team has established a strong network of buyers, sellers, and brokers that encompasses the U.S. North-East corridor, the nation’s capital, and Midwest, Europe, and Latin America. Of course, it also is a strong plus that Adriana Pinto-Torres, Tracy Ferrer is very hardworking and unwavering, is fluent in Spanish, English, French, German, and is very comfortable with Portuguese. Their customers benefit from Adriana and Tracy’s routine business trips to Latin America, Europe, and the nation. From the first contact with their customer to the negotiating table, they firmly believe that serving their clientele is a privilege, not a right. As industry leaders, they know that the key to long-standing success is anticipating and exceeding customer needs and creating innovative marketing and business initiatives for the leading edge.

They continuously strive to be better, quicker, and more responsive to each of our customer’s needs and preferences so that he or she chooses to continue doing business with them. Yes, they can and do evolve as business circumstances demand. But, they don’t get hung up with momentary enthusiasm or get caught up in the hype.

Their clientele is as diverse as their needs from celebrities to couples, from hedge fund managers to international companies, from retiring baby boomers to seasoned buyers and sellers and first-time Miami owners. They have established a varied customer portfolio and no transaction is ever too big or too small. What’s more, they can pride themselves in saying that at least 65% of their business is referral-based.


Q&A with Adriana Pinto Torres

Q. You represent and deal with very wealthy clients. What is your advice when dealing with them?

A. Two things. Know your place and thank you.

Q. What is luxury?

A. Luxury is not a matter of price points or high ticketed items. It is excellence in services.

Q. What is the first thing any realtor should do?

A. Answer the call.

Q. Can you describe your business motto?

A. Addressing luxury living with APT-itude, not attitude.

Q. And yourself?

A. Like Miami: dynamic, multi-faceted, ever-growing and peppered with accent and flavor.

Q. How did you learn this industry?

A. Persistently, patiently, proudly. My three P's.

Q. What is your advice?

A. Don't get caught up in the hype.

Q. What are some occupational hazards?

A. Overeating

Al Fresco with Tracy Ferer

Q. About Selfies

A. Haven't perfected them yet.

Q. Who would you invite to your best dinner party?

A. A darn good cook and a great bartender.

Q. What do you fear?

A. Sickness in me and in those I love.

Q. What phrase do you despise from others?

A. Two phrases, actually. I am swamped. Text me, don't call me.

Q. And from yourself?

A. I won't call you, I'll text you.

Q. Pet peeves?

A. Several. When people say "literally" when the "literally" don't mean it. Overused cath-phrase. People who want to shove themselves into an elevator before those inside exit. Wobby tables. Bad service. My impatience.

Q. What is your most used sentence?

A. Only in Miami.

Q. Describe Miami in one word.

A. Miami.

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While we are consistently award-winning and the recipient of 2021 Pinnacle Award, Top 2% of agents company wide and #1 in New Dev Sales for Florida, we believe luxury is not a matter of price points but of passion to service. Whether you are a discerning buyer, a savvy seller or are seeking to upgrade, go ahead, leverage us and maximize your real estate experience. We are uniquely focused in offering the best real estate tools and solutions to our customer portfolio on a one-to-one basis, with the highest standard of service, commitment and integrity.