Terra's Investment in the Former Deauville Beach Resort

Terra's Investment in the Former Deauville Beach Resort

  • The APT TEAM
  • 04/16/24

Miami Beach has long been synonymous with luxury, glamour, and stunning oceanfront properties. One such property, the former Deauville Beach Resort, holds a special place in the hearts of locals and visitors alike. In 2022, the hotel was imploded. Now, the site is set to undergo a transformation, thanks to the involvement of Miami-based developer Terra. 

The Former Deauville Beach Resort: A Rich History

The Rise of the Deauville

During the early 1960s, the Deauville Beach Resort stood as a symbol of Miami Beach's heyday. The hotel, located at 6701 Collins Avenue, hosted numerous celebrities and became a hotspot for the rich and famous. Terra's intention is to create a landmark development on the site, aiming to recreate the renowned resort that was once frequented by celebrities and served as the backdrop for The Beatles' historic live performance on the "Ed Sullivan Show" in 1964.

In 2017, a devastating fire forced the hotel to shut down, leaving behind a once-thriving landmark that had lost its former glory. 5 years later it was demolished in November 2022.  Despite the setback, various developers recognized the potential of the site and sought to redevelop it including Stephen Ross, owner of the Miami Dolphins.

Terra: A Miami-Based Developer with a Vision

Terra, a prominent Miami-based developer, has set its sights on breathing new life into the Deauville Beach Resort. Led by David Martin, Terra aims to create an iconic development that pays homage to the resort's storied past while embracing modern luxury and design. With a track record of successful projects, Terra is well-positioned to revive this Miami Beach landmark.

The Acquisition of a 25 Percent Stake

To kick-start the redevelopment process, Terra recently acquired a 25 percent stake in the 3.8-acre oceanfront site from Deauville Associates, a group led by the Meruelo family. The transaction was facilitated through Terra's affiliate, TMG 67 Communities. This strategic investment positions Terra as a key player in the revitalization of the Deauville Beach Resort.

Reviving the Famed Resort: Terra's Ambitious Plans

Terra has expressed a strong desire to recreate the magic of the Deauville Beach Resort. A spokesperson for the developer emphasized the intention to bring an iconic development to the site, one that captures the essence of the original resort. With a commitment to preserving the historical significance of the property, Terra aims to create a destination that will once again attract discerning travelers and locals alike.

Iconic Design and Luxury Amenities

Central to Terra's vision for the Deauville is an emphasis on iconic design and luxury amenities. The developer plans to leverage its expertise in architecture and construction to create a visually stunning and functionally superior development. While specific details of the project are yet to be unveiled, expectations are high for a world-class resort that seamlessly blends modern sophistication with the allure of Miami Beach's golden era.


Miami Beach's former Deauville Beach Resort is set to undergo a remarkable transformation. With a commitment to preserving the historical significance of the site while introducing modern luxury and design, Terra aims to revive this iconic landmark and create an unforgettable destination.


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