Unprecedented wealth Migration from Latin America to Miami

Unprecedented wealth Migration from Latin America to Miami

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  • 12/20/23

Latin America's wealthiest investors are flocking to Miami at an unprecedented pace, seeking stability and higher returns. This rapid migration of wealth is driven by regional instability and the allure of lucrative opportunities in the United States. Major financial institutions like JPMorgan Chase & Co. and prominent Brazilian banks like Itau Unibanco and Bradesco are experiencing significant growth in their asset management and client base as a result of this trend.  

Bloomberg's article delves into the hows and whys Miami is luring so much capital from Latin America. We include them here.



The Miami Boom: A Haven for Latin American Wealth

Miami has become a favored destination for Latin American investors due to its attractive investment climate, political stability, and robust real estate market. Wealthy individuals from countries such as Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Brazil are increasingly choosing to transfer their assets to Miami, seeking security and higher returns on their investments.

JPMorgan's Success Story

JPMorgan has witnessed remarkable growth in its Miami operations, particularly in managing assets from Mexican clients. Wealth under management from Mexico alone has increased by approximately 10% this year. Similar gains have been seen from other Latin American countries such as Argentina, Chile, Peru, and more. Marice Brown, the head of Mexico private banking at JPMorgan, highlights the incredible growth the bank has experienced in Miami, leading to a 10% increase in its dedicated workforce for Mexican clients. JPMorgan currently manages around $180 billion from Latin America, with booking centers in Miami, Houston, New York, and Geneva. To accommodate the ongoing asset shift, JPMorgan plans to expand its Latin American private banking division in the prestigious 1450 Brickell Ave building in Miami.

Brazilian Banks Join the Boom

Brazil's largest banks, Banco Bradesco SA and Itau Unibanco Holding SA, have also capitalized on the Miami boom. Banco Bradesco increased its headcount in the Miami area after acquiring a bank in Coral Gables in 2019. Its total wealth under custody in Florida has doubled to $4 billion since then. Itau Unibanco saw its wealth under management in Miami climb about 10% this year to approximately $24 billion. The bank opened over 1,000 accounts in Miami in 2023 and hired industry veteran Fernando Marques to lead its private banking operations in the city.

Factors Driving the Wealth Migration

Regional Instability and Left-Leaning Governments

One of the key factors driving the wealth migration from Latin America to Miami is the regional instability and political shifts in countries like Chile, Peru, and Colombia. The rise of left-leaning governments has sparked a capital flight from these nations as investors seek safer havens for their wealth. Carlos Gribel, head of Andbank's brokerage firm in Miami, confirms that the movement from Brazilians has been slower due to high local interest rates and stable political conditions. However, Brazilians are also increasing their share of offshore investments in their portfolios.

Attractive US Interest Rates

The high interest rates in the United States, coupled with the possibility of future rate cuts by the Federal Reserve, have attracted Latin American investors to dollar-denominated bonds, Treasuries, and private credit. JPMorgan's Miami team, dedicated to clients from countries like Argentina, Chile, and Peru, has expanded by 10% this year, catering to Latin American clients with $10 million or more to invest. Ezequiel Lazcano, head of Latin America south at JPMorgan's private bank, notes that clients have found more compelling opportunities to grow their wealth in the US compared to their home countries.

Miami's Real Estate Market: A Driving Force

Miami's thriving real estate market with has played a significant role in attracting Latin American wealth. Local crises in Latin American countries have prompted many investors to seek safe investments in US real estate. Banco Bradesco leads the way in non-resident US real estate financing in Florida, with a mortgage portfolio of $2.3 billion. Henrique Lima, CEO of Bradesco Bank, sees continued growth potential in this low-delinquency and profitable market. The appeal of investing in solid assets, such as properties in the US, has been a driving force behind the influx of Latin American wealth into Miami.

Conclusion: Miami's Ascendancy as a Wealth Magnet

The rapid migration of wealth from Latin America to Miami is transforming the city into a global hub for high-net-worth individuals. JPMorgan, Brazilian banks, and other financial institutions are capitalizing on this trend, experiencing substantial growth in their asset management and client base. Miami's appeal lies in its stability, attractive investment climate, and robust real estate market. However, challenges remain, as Morgan Stanley faces scrutiny over its anti-money laundering policies. Despite the obstacles, Miami's allure as a safe haven for Latin American wealth continues to grow, solidifying its position as a global financial center.


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