Elle Residences Miami

Elle Residences Miami

  • Freta
  • 06/5/24

Joining South Florida's booming luxury real estate scene, ELLE DECOR's sister publication, ELLE of Lagardère Group is making its debut in the real estate market with a stunning 25-story residential tower. Located in Miami's trendy Edgewater neighborhood, the 180-unit ELLE Residences Miami promises a blend of class, comfort, and a touch of Parisian charm with flexible rental program.

The renowned fashion and lifestyle maven is taking a thrilling leap off the glossy pages, stamping its distinctive mark on a towering 25-story building in Miami. Situated in the heart of Edgewater, ELLE Residences Miami will provide unparalleled access to Miami's vibrant cultural, dining, and shopping scenes, enriching the community with its presence.






Elle Residences Team

ELLE is marshaling stellar talent to ensure its premier real estate venture pulsates with elegance, comfort, and an irresistible dash of Parisian allure.

  • The One Atelier, a titan of branded real estate with a portfolio spanning from Fendi to Karl Lagerfeld, is commandeering the interior design at ELLE Residences Miami.
  • Meanwhile, architectural maestros Gregory Martínez de Riquelme and Roberto Saija of Arquinaut are lending their expertise to harmoniously fuse Miami’s vibrant ambiance with ELLE’s chic aesthetic.
  • The building’s design, a mesmerizing blend of reflective surfaces and sleek wraparound terraces, is the brainchild of the visionary Behar & Partners.
  • Developer is Vertical Developments led by Fernando de Nuñez y Lugones.



Unique Features and Amenities

High-Touch Services

Elle Residences Miami offers seamless integration of high-touch services and resort-style amenities, enhancing the luxury living experience. Owners have the flexibility to make their residences available for short-term use, which adds a layer of convenience and investment opportunity.

Wellness and Recreation Facilities

The property boasts extensive wellness and recreation facilities. Residents can maintain their health regimen in a high-tech gym and outdoor fitness lawn, unwind in a luxurious spa featuring steam, sauna, and cold plunge facilities, or find tranquility in a meditation garden. Additionally, the French Riviera-inspired sundeck with a resort pool and private cabanas offers a perfect relaxation spot.

Flexible Rental Capabilities

Flexible rental capabilities at Elle Residences Miami allow owners to offer their units for short-term rental. This feature not only provides financial benefits but also ensures that residents can enjoy high-touch service and resort-style amenities even during short stays, making it an appealing option for both personal enjoyment and as an investment.

Edgewater Neighborhood

The significance of Elle Residences Miami extends beyond its architectural marvels and designer interiors, casting a long shadow over the future trajectory of luxury living in urban landscapes. By blending high-touch services, wellness-centric amenities, and flexible rental options, the project offers a unique model that could inspire future developments in Miami and beyond. As this development ushers in a new era of sophisticated urban living, it not only promises to enhance the lifestyles of its residents but also to invigorate the Edgewater community, setting a precedent for luxury, design, and community engagement in the 21st century.




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