The Avenues - The Elite World School in Miami

The Avenues - The Elite World School in Miami

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  • 08/24/23

Avenues - The World School

The private school landscape in Miami is undergoing a significant transformation with the arrival of Avenues - The World School. 

In 2012, Avenues The World School was established with the goal of revolutionizing education in a rapidly evolving world. It now will come to Miami. Presently, Avenues operates as a single school spanning six continents and prominent cities globally. It caters to students aged two to 18 years old in New York, São Paulo, Shenzhen, and Silicon Valley. 



A New Campus for Comprehensive Education

The Avenues - The World School Miami campus will be located at 4949 NE Second Ave. It will offer education from daycare to high school, providing a comprehensive learning experience for children of all ages. The development plans include various buildings, such as an early learning center, primary school, high school, gym/pool complex, garage, and a dormitory. The campus will encompass approximately 328,242 square feet of open space, providing ample room for students to explore and engage in various activities.


Avenues Miami campus site

Avenues Miami campus site


Responding to the Educational Needs of the Community

The decision to establish Avenues in Miami stems from the recognition of a pressing need for additional private school options. With the continued migration to Miami,  the demand for educational institutions has outpaced the available options. 

Avenues World School aims to address these needs by offering a high-quality education that meets the standards of excellence expected by the community. The school strives to create an integrated learning community, with a shared vision, curriculum, technology, faculty development, and centralized oversight. By developing a new campus on the former Archbishop Curley site, Avenues seeks to continue the educational legacy of the property while providing a solution to the shortage of school options.

The Impact of Miami's Changing Landscape

The influx of wealthy individuals and corporate offices to Miami has significantly impacted the city's private school scene. With the relocation of prominent companies like Citadel hedge fund and the establishment of offices by Millennium Management, Goldman Sachs Group, Icahn, Tiger Global, Blackstone Group Inc., and others, Miami has become a magnet for high-net-worth families. This influx of wealth and affluence has heightened the competition for enrollment in elite private schools.

The Financial Times recently likened the private school admissions process in Miami to a blood sport, emphasizing the cutthroat nature of the competition. As billionaire hedge fund managers and private equity titans vie for admission spots, the demand for top-tier schools has soared. The situation has become even more challenging for these schools as they navigate the influx of affluent families and corporate relocations.

The Challenge of Limited Space and Rising Demand

Miami's top private schools, including Gulliver Prep, Ransom Everglades, Miami Country Day, Belen Jesuit Preparatory School, and Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart are already operating at full capacity. The limited availability of Miami real estate and the growing population affecting Miami's real estate market have presented significant challenges for these institutions. The schools' campuses, often situated on smaller footprints, lack the space to expand and accommodate the growing demand.

Each year, these schools receive record-breaking numbers of applications, but their enrollment capacity remains unchanged. The result is an increasingly competitive landscape. The pressure on both parents and schools to secure coveted spots has reached unprecedented levels. Wait list can be up to two and three years.


Ransom Everglades School campus map photo: Ransom Everglades School


Miami's Elite Schools Attracting Fame

Despite the challenges, Miami's most exclusive schools continue to enroll the children of celebrities and high-profile individuals. Miami Country Day, for example, has seen the enrollment of Shakira's sons and the children of Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen. This renowned academy has a long history of catering to the children of celebrities, including actress Zoe Kravitz and singer Emily Estefan.

The demand for a Gulliver education has reached an all-time high, according to Cliff Kling, the president of Gulliver Prep. The school's reputation for academic excellence and its limited spaces have made it a highly sought-after institution. Similarly, Ransom Everglades, known for its rigorous academic programs and prestigious reputation, remains a coveted choice for many families.

The same goes for St. Stephen's Episcopal Day School and The Cushman School, Miami's oldest co-ed preschool founded in 1927.

The Future of Elite Education in Miami

The arrival of Avenues - The World School in Miami brings hope for meeting the demand for elite education in the city.  The school's global reputation and commitment to excellence suggest that it will attract a diverse student body and contribute to the educational landscape of Miami. Its emphasis on community engagement and financial assistance programs ensures that a wide range of students will have access to its world-class education.

As the competition for elite education intensifies in Miami, families are advised to plan ahead and consider their options carefully. Finding a suitable home and starting the school search early can increase the chances of securing a spot in one of Miami's prestigious private schools. Despite the challenges, the commitment to providing an exceptional education remains a priority for these institutions as they navigate the changing dynamics of Miami's educational landscape.




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